Friday, April 1, 2011

Track Team Prepares for Another Great Season!

Track Season “Jumps” to a Start By Kylie Farris

      Are you a good runner, or like to do several different field events?  Or just an athlete that likes to hang out and have fun with your friends?  Track may be for you then.
            Track has numerous different events to participate in.  There is the 100-meter, 200-meter, 400-meter, 800-meter, the mile, hurdles and lots of relays.  Field also has lots of events, such as the long jump, the high jump, discuss, shot-put and more. 
            The first track meet is coming up on April 5th.  Many students are well prepared and excited about this.  I interviewed a couple of people to see what there favorite track event was and what there favorite part of track was.  7th grader, Hunter Couch said, “My favorite event is the 400 and my favorite part is winning!”  7th grader, Justine Donlon stated, “I like running but just not hills.  My favorite event is the 800.”  Then I talked to Meg Szmed (8th grader) to find out her favorites.  She exclaimed, “My favorite part of track is running with my friends.” 
So you see lots of kids at LMS enjoy participating in track!  Even if you don’t like to run, run, run, it is still fun because you can do events in field.  Please make sure to try and come support the Lions track team in their home meets after school April 7th and 14th!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Basketball Bonanza! By Kara Fort

The Student Council 3 on 3 basketball tournament is a big deal to many students at LMS. It was held here in the LMS gym on Friday, March 4th, after school. Student Council representatives, teachers, and even some volunteers run the whole event from start to finish. Many students team up with their friends, but some just team up with people who they think are good basketball players. There were around twenty-six teams competing in the tournament. A front runner in the tournament was the Power Rangers. If basketball isn't your thing though the Student Council also holds a dodgeball tournament in May!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

LMS Competitions Bring out the Best!

Taylor Krakar wins the school-wide Geo Bee and LMS Spelling Bee finalists get to compete at the Kaw Valley Spelling Bee!

7th grade boys basketball looks to KU for Inspiration By Ilani Mann

Basketball for the 7th grade boys this year has been intense and exciting. This is their first year playing for the school and facing more challenging competition. When asked what’s your favorite thing about playing for LMS, Kade Randall said “playing,” and Ryan Jaqua commented, “[I like] shooting!”
With Kansas being such a basketball-crazed state, it seems the team could not help but look up to some of the stars at nearby KU and K-State. Some of the team members were asked their favorite college players. Graham Forrester replied, “Josh Selby- he’s a beast.” Sam Twitchel said “Marcus Morris.” Kyle Verhaeg said “Josh Selby- he’s the bomb,” Ethan Woods said “Marcus Morris- he’s awesome.”
Good luck for the remainder of your season, basketball players!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Girls Basketball Pictures

Lady Lions Basketball finishes off a great season! By Celester Vanhoozier

Girls Basketball has done especially well this season. The 7th Grade has won a total of 14 of 18 games (not counting tournaments) since the season started. Many of the girls that played this year adapted very well to playing for the school since they have never done it before. I interviewed one girl from each team (A or B) and each grade about how they thought the season went, who they think the toughest team was, and what their favorite moment was in the entire season.

(Chelsea Stelter 7th A) “The season went totally freakin' amazing. The toughest school would probably be Piper. My fave [moment] would be when Sierra scored the winning point in overtime against Clark.”

(Cynthia Ferguson 7th B) “The season went very well because we lost only one game. The toughest team would probably be Mill Creek. And I loved playing my friends for Tongie.”

(Kija Commock 8th A) “This season went very good. Piper was the toughest team in my book. My best moment was when I was shooting free throws and everybody laughed.”

(Dani Harvey 8th B) “We worked very hard this season. Just like Kija I thought Piper was the toughest. My fave moment was when Kija knocked out somebody from Mill Creek.”

As we can see it’s been an amazing season this year for both 7th and 8th girls. Many girls can’t wait ‘til next year. Sadly this year’s 8th graders will be beginning their first year as high schoolers. Hopefully they will play throughout high school and then college. Our 7th graders will have tougher competition next year, so get ready!